Tools You Can Use

SNA has put together a world of useful, fun resources to help you get the most out of NSBW 'A World of School Breakfasts'. Download them today and get started on making NSBW 07 the most fun ever. 

SNA's toolkit is 8 pages packed with ideas, support and a full listing of the resources available to help you promote 'A World of School Breakfasts'.
Download Toolkit now (in Adobe Acrobat format)

Parent/Student Backpack Brochure
This 2-page brochure provides information about the benefits of a healthy school breakfast for parents and your student customers. This item may also be ordered from SNA's Emporium.
Download Parent/Student brochure now (in Adobe Acrobat format)

Download and photocopy the 'A World of School Breakfasts' passport and distribute to your intrepid travelers. It contains fun facts about breakfast, activities and a place to 'stamp their passports' for eating school breakfast. Print both pages, stick them back to back and fold in half to create your own passport.
Download Passport now (in Adobe Acrobat format)

Activity Sheets
Fun puzzles and brainteasers to help wake up your students as they eat a nutritious school breakfast.
Download Activity Sheets now (in Adobe Acrobat format)

Spread the word about National School Breakfast Week by sending out an official NSBW 07 Proclamation. Download the sample proclamation and fill in your school or district's information. The proclamation can be used in many ways to raise public awareness of your school breakfast program:

  • Request that the mayor or city council proclaim that it is National School Breakfast Week in your town or city. 
  • Send the proclamation to your local newspaper for publication or to your local radio stations for the on-air personalities to read. 
  • Create souvenir copies for your staff.

Download Proclamation now (in Adobe Acrobat format)

'A World of School Breakfasts' Press Release
SNA's official media release - excellent for drumming up support in your local media.
Download Press Release now (in Microsoft Word  format)

'A World of School Breakfasts' Logos
SNA is pleased to make the 'A World of School Breakfasts' artwork available to help support your NSBW celebration. Examples of recommended logo use include menus, tray liners and newsletters. For further information on appropriate usage, please contact SNA's Service Center at 1 800 739-3900.

Please note that logos are not to be used in the design of any merchandise, or to explicitly, or implicitly endorse a particular product or service. To purchase official NSBW 07 merchandise, please contact SNA's Emporium at 800-728-0728 (phone), 703-564-3001 (fax) or online at

The Emporium is SNA's sole provider of official association merchandise and materials.

To request artwork and logos, please download and complete the short attached form, and fax to SNA at 703-739-3915. Upon approval of your request, logos will be emailed to you.
Download Logo Request Form (in Adobe Acrobat format)


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