Think you have no time for professional development? Think again! Pre-conference sessions are a great way to stay ahead of the curve by gaining access to information you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, you’ll earn while you learn. In addition to the 25 CEUs you will receive for your full paid registration and attendance at ANC, you can earn even more CEUs by participating in one of the pre-conference sessions previewed below. Pre-conference session also allow you to earn Key Area Hours toward initial certification or for moving up a level. Learn more about the SNA Certification Program.


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Saturday, July 13, 8:00 am–12:00 pm

LEADING in Full Swing
Speaker: Cathy Newton
Leadership in school nutrition management is a high calling, and it demands high performance…in full swing. Maybe you sense that you were meant to swing higher? Don’t settle for risk aversion or mediocrity. Exercise your “risk-taking” muscles and develop the head, heart and guts of leadership. Find the rhythm of taking the lead. Get in the you can get great results. RISK IT!
Cost: $99; CEUs: 4; Key Area 3
Intended Audience: District Directors/Supervisors, Major City Directors/Supervisors

Understanding the USDA Foods Program
Speakers: Jack Crawford, Matthew E. Essner and Jonathan Ford
USDA Foods are a vital component of the National School Lunch Program, and this session will provide you with an overview of the program. Learn how to maximize the use of your entitlement, which lowers food costs, along with information about state programs, USDA Foods calendar, direct delivery vs. processed foods and value pass through methods. Participants will also engage in a panel discussion on all participants’ roles in the USDA program and receive an overview of the resources available.
Cost: $99; CEUs: 4; Key Area 1
Intended Audience: District Directors/Supervisors, FN Managers, Major City Directors/Supervisors

Saturday, July 13, 8:00 am–5:00 pm

Financial Management: A Course for School Nutrition Directors
Speakers: Jerry Cater, PhD and Nena Cross, PhD, RD
The ability to interpret financial operational decisions is essential to effective management of school meals. This course will teach the importance of financial management tools and standards, along with the necessity of using the budget as an analysis tool and control document to ensure a fiscally sound school nutrition program operation. You will also understand the importance of nutritionally accountable programs consistent with federal and state guidelines. Lunch will be provided. Course is offered by the National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI).
Cost: $150; CEUs: 8; Key Area 3
Intended Audience: District Directors/Supervisors, FN Managers, Industry, Major City Directors/Supervisors, State Agency

Supervisory Skill Training for Managers
Speakers: Carol Gilbert, SNS, M.Ed, and Christi Beazley
Managers today are faced with a myriad of work issues. This highly interactive program uses adult learning theory and activities to reinforce the learning objectives. Through practice, essential tools to handle the ever-changing dynamics of managing people, improving communication and organizing time and workspace are explored. Effective leadership can take on many forms—understanding the differences between managing and leading can tie all components of the training together.
Cost: $150; CEUs: 8; Key Area 3
Intended Audience: District Directors/Supervisors, FN Managers

USDA and State Agency Staff: A Cooperative Effort
Speakers: Lynn Harvey, Cindy Long, Janey Thornton, PhD, SNS, and USDA Regional Staff
In an effort to meet the unique continuing education interests of State Agency personnel, the SNA State Agency Committee, along with USDA Headquarters and Regional Staff, will separate this full-day session into two parts. While the afternoon portion will be facilitated by USDA and will address such emerging topics as the new Administrative Review Process, School Breakfast Requirements, further clarification on Performance-based Certification and Validation, USDA Foods and other timely topics, the morning session will be facilitated by members of the State Agency Committee, many of whom are “seasoned State Agency veterans.” This portion of the session will be devoted to addressing the specific “hot topics” surrounding state agencies, including such topics as: strategies to prepare for a successful Management Evaluation; what to expect from a USDA Financial Management Review; how state agencies oversee the assessment of indirect costs at the local level; allowable/unallowable uses of State Administrative Expense funds; strategies for working with other state agencies to achieve program goals; and how the State Agency Section of SNA functions. Ample time will be provided for information exchange between presenters and attendees.
Cost: $150; CEUs: 8; Key Area 3
Intended Audience: State Agency

Saturday, July 13, 1:00 pm–5:00 pm

BREAKFAST, LUNCH, SUPPER & More: Doing Them All and Doing Them Well!
Speakers: David Binkle, Michele Carroll and Bertrand Weber
This complimentary pre-conference session is open to all of those involved in a major city program (40,000 enrollment or 200,000 population). As a follow up to the Major City Central Kitchen meeting last March in Minneapolis, this interactive session will concentrate on three segments:

  1. Marketing School Meals in Major City Programs
    Join Bertrand Weber and Michele Carroll from Minneapolis Public Schools to learn how they turned its foodservice program from “so-so participation” to “so great participation” in a very short period of time! All done by involving students, staff, community and listening to the customer, followed by marketing quality, nutritious menus and programs that employees had pride in serving and students enjoyed eating!
  2. Implementing A Supper Program
    If you were Director of Nutrition Services of the second-largest district in the nation, already serving hundreds of thousands of breakfast and lunches each day, would you take on a supper program? David Binkle did, and he asked his BOE to support him in his efforts to expand nutrition programs. Hear the fascinating reason David had and learn how he is planning to make it work!
  3. Round Table Discussion on Select Topics Relevant to the Current Issues Impacting Major City Operations
    Everyone will have an opportunity to network with colleagues, discuss new ideas and old problems on both selected topics and topics your table agrees are important. Familiar with the Disney style of story board and compressed planning? Attend so you have an opportunity to express the “Mickey” and "Minnie” within you!

Cost: Complimentary; CEUs: 4; Key Area 1
Intended Audience: Major City Directors/Supervisors

Leadership Skills Needed Today
Speaker: Jeff Joiner, MA
The world is changing faster than ever! Stay ahead of the curve and develop world-class leadership skills to help you navigate your organization and career through an uncertain future. Leadership is not a talent, and there is no such thing as a “born leader.” Leadership is based on learning, developing and refining skills. This dynamic seminar teaches you the skills needed to deal with the increasingly complex challenges in our industry and provides practical advice to help develop your “leadership muscles” and handle the heavy lifting ahead.
Cost: $99; CEUs: 4; Key Area 3
Intended Audience: District Directors/Supervisors, FN Managers, Industry, Major City Directors/Supervisors, State Agency

NFSMI’s Overview of the New Meal Pattern
Speaker: Gaye Lynn MacDonald, SNS
Are you looking for ways to integrate the requirements of the new meal pattern in the School Lunch Program? If so, this interactive training session will provide you with an overview of the new meal pattern, teach you how to evaluate whole grain-rich food labels, identify the meal component requirements and learn how to communicate easy methods of identifying reimbursable meal components. The session will focus on Food-Based Menu Planning (FBMP) required for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Course is offered by the National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI).
Cost: $99; CEUs: 4; Key Area 2
Intended Audience: District Directors/Supervisors, FN Employee, FN Managers, Major City Directors/Supervisors, State Agency

SNA reserves the right to cancel any pre-conference session due to low registration. In the event of cancellation, the Association will contact registrants. SNA advises pre-conference registrants to wait to make any schedule-dependent transportation plans until May 15th.

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