Afraid youíll get lost in the Exhibit Hall? Canít keep track of all the education sessions you want to attend? While your onsite ANC Program Guide is a valuable resource, SNA is working to make your conference experience even more efficient and satisfying with the launch of special interactive online features available on both your computer and via your mobile or tablet.

When using your desktop or laptop, be sure to bookmark:

If youíre using your mobile device, go directly to:

Both sites feature:

  • Maps of the Kansas City Convention Center and Marriott (ANC Headquarters Hotel), broken down into floors and identifying each location where events are scheduled.
  • An Education Sessions section that allows you to search by speaker, key area or session title. Select the sessions of interest to you and add them to your online agenda. Another tool will help you navigate to the exact location.
  • An Exhibitors section, which lists all vendors participating in ANC in alphabetical order. Click on listed booth numbers to easily find your way across the crowded Hall. Exhibitors can be added to your agenda, as well!

The websites are completely synced; if you create an account on your home computer and add items to your calendar or task list, simply sign in on your tablet or smartphone to access the information while youíre in Kansas City. Making the most of ANC has never been easier!

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