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Pete Pizza elected President of School Lunch!

October 24, 2008 – Pete Pizza took victory in the Vote for School Lunch 2008 – Presidential Edition and has been elected President of School Lunch. With a landslide 42.7% of the total vote, Pete came out top in 46 of 50 states (plus Washington DC). Hawaii, Montana and North Dakota were also tightly contested races.

In his President of School Lunch inauguration speech, a jubilant Pete Pizza declared “Thank you to everybody who elected me President of School Lunch, it sends a strong message that nutritious pizza with whole wheat crust and low fat cheese is tops with students everywhere. Help me keep my election pledge by eating healthy balanced school lunches and being active!”

Biff Burger runner up in 31 states
Although Biff Burger (2007 Winner) placed second overall in the Presidential Edition, he was a strong contender in every state and the winner in Mississippi. Biff announced “Congratulations have to go to Pete Pizza, but remember I am a healthy and versatile lunchtime option who can veg out, go nuts or beef up your nutrition. You’ll see this lean, clean protein machine again”

Gloria Grilled Cheese takes Wyoming
Although Gloria was 3rd overall, she was the big cheese in Wyoming. Gloria commented “I am very pleased to be the toast of the town for so many kids as I offer some serious gill power from whole wheat slices of bread and low fat calcium packed cheese.”

Larry Lasagna is Nevada and Oregon’s favorite
Larry Lasagna was 4th overall in the national vote… ‘” I am delighted to be the top pick in the District of Columbia, Nevada and Oregon I hope more kids will vote for me in the future. Whatever you need to succeed, my complete package of low fat protein, whole grain noodles and vitamin C rich tomato sauce will help you get it.”

Petunia Pita Pocket will continue to promote good nutrition
Petunia got a healthy number of votes in every state and ran a particularly close race in our nation’s capital. Ever optimistic, Petunia announced “I am still the only pocket you should ever pick and you will see me in the future promoting my protein packed, whole grain nutrition.”

Top 3 voting states
Hundreds of thousands of kids went to the polls in all 50 States (and DC) plus a special mention should be made to the US Army Garrison School in South Korea who took part in an absentee ballot. However, congratulations and a Prize pack are on their way to the three top voting states of Florida, Georgia and Kentucky who all had a 3 way tie for the top spot.

Online vs. Paper Ballots
More kids took part in Vote for School Lunch than ever before with 36% submitting online votes and the remaining 64% taking part in paper cafeteria votes. Which ever way you voted, everything counted in the Vote for School Lunch – Presidential Edition.

Thank you for voting!
SNA would like to thank the hundreds of thousands of student voters who have helped make the Vote for School Lunch theme a successful National School Lunch week campaign over the past three years. We hope you enjoyed your ‘vote’ celebrations and remember, nutritious and tasty school lunch is always worth voting for!

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