Ready Set Go! Participation Sweepstakes

About the Sweepstakes

Tell us how ‘School Breakfast – Ready Set Go!’ has impacted your participation levels in school breakfast and what you are doing to NSBW and enter for your chance to win. Complete Read, Set, Go! sweepstakes form below and you will have the chance to win “Ready Set Go” stickers for your school.

At the end of each month, between January and March 2010, we will randomly pick 15 winners (45 in total) to receive stickers for your school

The deadline for all your feedback is March 31, 2010 but enter by January 31 and you can have your stickers delivered in time for NSBW.

Members who participate also have the opportunity to have their event or idea covered in School Nutrition.

Participation Sweepstakes Form

Average Daily
Breakfast Participation:

I anticipate that during the time school/district celebrates "Power Up with School Breakfast ," participation in school breakfast will:

Stay the same
Increase by 1%
Increase between 1-5%
Increase by more than 5%

Please tell us how you plan to celebrate NSBW. For example, tell us which foods you will be serving, how you will decorate the cafeteria and if you will have any special guests.

Complete Power Meter Sweepstakes Rules

Please note that to be included in the drawing for that month, entries should be received by the midnight on the final day of January 10, February 10 and March 10.