Education Session Call for Proposals

1-Hour Concurrent Education Sessions

Proposals for 1-hour concurrent education sessions will only be accepted through the SNA website on or before September 30, 2008. Any proposals that are faxed or mailed will not be considered. SNA expects proposals to be completed in all areas upon submission and all deadlines regarding speaker and presentation materials to be met.

Notification of proposal status will be sent electronically by January 15, 2009 for all proposal submissions. Responses will be sent to the person identified as "lead speaker."

Pre-Conference Proposal Submissions

To submit a proposal for a pre-conference session, please contact Julie Skolmowski at or (800) 877-8822 ext. 170. Please do not submit a pre-conference session proposal through the 1-hour educational session "Call for Proposals" submission form.

Special Notes

  • Upon acceptance, speakers will receive complete information and instructions. All speakers will need to sign agreement forms and complete additional forms by March 20, 2009.
  • SNA requests that presentation materials also be submitted in advance for review and approval and inclusion in onsite CDs for participants and SNA’s website for download. Presentation materials need to be submitted by April 17, 2009.
  • Please note that submission of this proposal this acknowledges that you have reviewed the following SNA Speaker Policies & Responsibilities.

SNA’s philosophy is to select speakers who represent the knowledge breadth of the school nutrition field with different levels of experience, and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Presentations made by SNA members are considered professional contributions to the school nutrition industry, therefore:

  • All Member speakers wishing to attend the entire conference must register and pay the member registration fee. SNA does not pay a honoraria for members or any related travel expenses including airfare, hotel or meals. For members only coming to ANC to present, SNA will provide a complimentary one day speaker registration.
  • All Nonmember speakers wishing to attend the entire conference can register at the special nonmember, speaker rate. Nonmember speakers who are not in the school nutrition profession may be considered for a limited honorarium or reimbursement for travel (coach airfare and/or on one hotel night and allowed per diem charges) on a case by case basis at the discretion of the ANC Steering Committee. Receipts are required for reimbursable expenses.
  • Nonmember speakers only attending ANC on the day of their presentation are not required to pay the registration fee on the day(s) of their presentation, except for the Final Event, for which there is an additional fee. Conference badges will reflect the appropriate registration status.

Guidelines for Completing Submission Form

  • Determine the title, clear program objectives, and target audience prior to submitting the proposal.
  • Identify all speakers and co-speakers and gather biography materials prior to submitting the proposal.
  • Complete the Call for Proposals Submission Form.
  • Print and review your proposal.
  • Submit your proposal electronically to SNA on or before September 30, 2008.
  • Upon submitting your proposal, you will also receive an electronic copy.
  • Please retain the electronic copy of your complete submission for your records.
  • Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
  • Proposals that are faxed or mailed will not be considered.

Content Priorities

The ANC Program Planning Committee is looking for speakers to propose 1 hour concurrent educational sessions that focus on school nutrition programs, initiatives, trends and issues in the following priority areas:

  • Implementing Cost-Effective “Green Initiatives”
  • Managing Food and Labor Costs
  • Cost Control through Work Simplification and Productivity
  • Wellness, Nutrition, and Nutrition Education
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources and Staff Development
  • Program Operations and Administration
  • Communications, Marketing and Public Relations

Proposals addressing all topics relevant to school nutrition operations are welcome and encouraged. These topics reflect topics of current emphasis in school nutrition program and are not the education topic tracks that will be featured in the ANC program. Final program tracks will be identified by the ANC Steering Committee.

Education Session Sponsorships

SNA offers industry members the opportunity to sponsor selected programs and events at the Annual National Conference. Please be aware that your proposal could be selected and placed within a group of education session tracks that could potentially be sponsored by an industry member.

Selection of Presentation Proposals

Notification of proposal status will be sent electronically by January 15, 2009 for all proposals. Responses will be sent to the person identified as “primary contact” in the submitted proposal. Please note that incomplete proposals or presentation proposals containing product or service promotions will not be considered.

SNA Non-Commercial Policy

SNA requires all educational session presentations to contain information pertinent to school nutrition programs aspiring to meet the Association’s standards for quality professional training. SNA requires industry and non-industry affiliates to refrain from any product or promotional endorsement within the presentation including any handout material and product samples. The ANC Program Planning Committee reserves the right to review all presentations for compliance of the policy.

Benefits of Presenting

ANC provides a tremendous professional opportunity. The benefits of presenting at this conference include:

  • Recognition as a subject matter expert to a large school nutrition and industry audience.
  • Promotion as a professional presenter to 53,000+ SNA members, potential and registered attendees, as well as School Nutrition magazine readers and e-newsletter subscribers both before and after the event.
  • Promotion via e-mails, faxes, event marketing brochures, press releases, on-site program information and the SNA website.
  • Networking opportunities with SNA members and vendors.
  • Contribution to furthering the professional development, training, and education of the school nutrition industry.
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